I’m Charity Epperson, and I own and operate Boudoir By Chee. I have a passion for photography and ambition to help women to feel CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL inside and out.


Because growing up like most women I often never heard “I love my body,” there was always a certain “mold” us women were thought to fit into, and if you're like me I NEVER fit that mold no matter how hard I tried, I still don’t. One day four years ago I photographed my first boudoir session and not only did I make that woman cry (in an “OMG” I’m beautiful way) but it gave me CONFIDENCE. Yes, you heard me right shooting boudoir makes me confident, which helps me make women from all walks of life, shapes, and sizes feel EMPOWERED, BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT.


I love shooting boudoir sessions outside; mother nature is wicked beautiful and capturing clients outside with no walls to hide behind is FREEING and adds to the experience! My husband and I are lucky to own and live on 1800 acre ranch out on the Sonoma County coast. Being able to provide a private outdoor experience to my clients is something I love!


For you is an environment where you can shed all your self-doubt and concerns, a sanctuary to be stunning.

xo, Charity

“Don’t be a lady, be a legend”