This year was a year of growth for me, both individually and as a business owner — increase not only as in need but even more so in a self-improvement sort of way. I acquired so much about myself and about working a business, and the other evening I sat down to think about what the most significant lessons for me were. What it came down to was this: 


Oh, BOY does mindset matter. I burrowed into many self-improvement books I could get my fingers on this year, which was so helpful for me. It helped infuse a healthier mindset in me as a human being and as a business owner. On days when I felt in gloom or like my brain wasn't in the right space, I'd go outside (and more recently hangout with my piggies) and then talk it out with my husband to get some clearness. After doing those few things, I'd feel a lot better and set to tackle whatever was in front of me (in the right way).


Lemme repeat it: your business will begin to grow when you are shining. That means you have to take care of yourself! What makes you happy? Pull-on those things. What feels like it's missing? Find a way to combine those things into your world. Get deliberate. Be clever. If you feel like you need therapy, do therapy. If you need someone to hold you responsible for working out and seeking a healthier lifestyle, find an accountability partner, or join a gym class. It can be as easy as setting one night a week as your day where you can do whatever you want (take a bath, read a good book, Netflix and chill – you do you)! Whatever makes your heart happy, do that, and you'll notice your business will follow suit.


I'll be honest; this year was a big learning curve! My husband worked long hours sometimes weeks out of town, and it seemed like we were both working and traveling. I didn't mind it at all, but when we finally took a few days for ourselves, I understood how stressed and worried I have been, and how good it felt to take a break for a few days. For next year, I'm planning on being more intentional with my time, energy and work. 

On a similar note, I've learned that it's helpful for you as a business owner if you can lay the groundwork for things rather than diving right into things.


This was a hard one for me! I had one boudoir session this season with the most fantastic woman. I loved working with her and believed she felt the same way. But, at some point, something pivoted, and she stopped replying and then unfollowed me on Instagram. When I'd try to get in touch, I got crickets. It was a hard pill for me to swallow, but I had to accept that I did my absolute best and learned from the areas I could have done better in. That was the only instance among the many many more women who gave me more love than I could ask for, and who trusted me wholeheartedly. I discovered that they were the ones I should be putting my energy and thoughts on!


There are so many excellent educational opportunities out there, and some incredible pieces of equipment. But, be careful about where & when you're investing your money. Is it something that will serve you right now? Is it something that will benefit you in the long-run? Will you be able to get your money out of it? Those are all excellent questions to ask before making a significant investment. 

Take it from me; these lessons will help remarkably for you as a business owner and in your personal life! Here's to a new year packed with new experiences, possibilities, and lessons. I can't wait to see what it brings.

What was one of your biggest takeaways this year?