Am I not a good Body Positive Activist if I Lose Weight?

If you've spent any time speaking with me or cruising around on my social media and this website, you know I'm a big supporter of the positive body movement. Everyone's figures are so different and individual and fantastic in their way, and I want to praise it! A significant side of the body positive movement is all about loving the body you have right now. But does that mean you can't change or keep your body the same to be body positive? 

New Body Shape or Size Doesn't Mean You Should Disgrace the Old One

If you want to start working out and make changes to your diet for whatever reason, you start losing weight; you're not a bad body-positive supporter. You're still a badass babe, as long as you still support babes of all forms and sizes. Dropping a few jean sizes doesn't mean your old body was ugly or stupid, and it certainly doesn't mean that women who aren't losing eight are wrong. Nobody doesn't get to choose how others look; we should support one another, especially those struggling. You also don't get to trash talk your old body. That body still did amazing things with you/for you.

Body Positivity is About Loving What We Have Right Now

Your body is allowed to grow. Body positivity centers on why our bodies are great no matter the stage they are in. Honor it when it's healthy, recognize it when it's vulnerable. Celebrate the pounds you gained or party when all those squats have finally made your booty pop. However, your body changed; it needs affection and respect all along the way.

Body Shaming Because Your New Lifestyle is “Healthy"

Being fit is fantastic! I hope everyone has a healthy body because this is the only one we get, but you know what? That's not always how it is. People get ill. People get a disease. It happens. If you're dropping weight because you want to be healthier, go, girl! You've got my full support. What can't follow is humiliating people who aren't fit – whether it by choice or not. You don't know what somebody is dealing with daily. You don't know what's someone's connection to food is. You have no idea how healthy someone by looking at their figure. Fat people can have low blood pressure and low cholesterol. Skinny people can have addictions or cancer. You really can't judge a book by its cover.

 If you want to lose weight, go for it! The peoples in the positive body movement will support you. Just encourage them right back! Remember, all bodies are great bodies, whether they've lost or gained weight.

XO, Charity 

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