Why Isn't Boudoir, "Cheap?"

When you're hunting for a boudoir photographer, sometimes the session and product prices can come as a bit of a shock. I get it. So why can't boudoir be cheaper? How hard do decent boudoir photographers work? They need a good camera, right? Not exactly.

I Didn't Know What the HELL I was Doing At First

Just like anything I start from the beginning, I don't know what I'm doing. My business plan, when I began, was a hot mess. I thought I was pricing enough to live, but dang was I wrong. My pricing has shifted several times since starting, and I'm sure it'll adjust again. The reasons my prices were so freaking low when I started was because I wasn't paying myself a livable salary, I was buying poor products, and I hadn't spent very much into my business. When I started, I hadn't had much education in the boudoir industry, and ZERO props... not even those awesome furry blankets. That was it. Now, don't get me wrong, I was still happy with those photos when I started, and I did my absolute best, but now I know a lot more, have a lot more and focus on giving high-quality, heirloom products. Boudoir photography prices should reflect that.

"But I Know Photographers Who Price Less than You and Are Earning a Living"

Are they, though? Are they earning a living off their boudoir photography alone? Unless you have the financial records in front of you, there's a big gamble you're led to think that some photographers are making a living when they aren't. They could have a second income they can rely on. Perhaps boudoir is just fun for them. You will forever find someone more affordable, but it doesn't imply they are better.

Real talk. Your getting butt naked in front of someone. You're going to spend a great deal of time in unmentionables or completely nude with someone you just met. Is "cheap" the word you want to use to explain your experience?

How Choosing the Best Photographer for You?

Some factors should be more significant than price. You should feel relaxed with your photographer; you should love their portfolio, you should mesh with their character, and you' have to admire their products. 

Their "Why?"

Why does your shutterbug shoot boudoir? Browse their website or ask them questions. Almost all boudoir photographers will say "to help women feel good," but dig deeper. I started shooting boudoir because I didn't want women to waste their spirit on taring themselves apart as I had for decades. For ages, I disliked myself, and when I started finally learning to accept and then embrace myself, I recognized I wanted others to have the same journey. Boudoir was the most beneficial way I could serve others to come to this recognition. 

What Are the Merchandises Like?

When you're examining prices, one significant part should be the products. Why might one photographer be so much less than another? It's most likely because the products they give are lesser quality than another. Lower quality means the color might be off, or the paper may fade and tear. Your photos could look a lot different in five, ten or twenty years. Do you want an heirloom product? Do you want something handcrafted or luxurious? These are vital questions to ask yourself when you're searching for a photographer. At Boudoir By Chee, I want to make sure my products endure a lifetime. I want the albums, metal prints and boxed prints to look as good in ten years as they do today.


How's the makeup?

Does the studio give hair and makeup? Are the artists professional and qualified? Hair and makeup add to the experience, and it's one less thing for you to trouble about. It's resting and pampering, which is an excellent way to start your session! Plus, professional hair and makeup artists understand how to do styling for photography. It's distinctive than just every-day makeup. It often is a little darker than usual so it can show up on camera, it's dramatic and false eyelashes are almost always a need. Make sure the studio has a well-known artist. 

What's the Experience Like?

How's the session like? How lengthy will it last, and how many outfits can you wear? Talk to your photographer or see if you can find a rundown of the sitting on their website. Is it all about luxury? Or maybe it's a carefree, chill setting. I try to keep my sessions like a little party – there's music, we giggle, we kid, and there's a bit of dancing ( insert Lizzo). My settings are like a couple of friends hanging out, and one of them appears to have a camera. 


I'm About Education

Does your photographer bother about education and improving themselves? Maybe that doesn't have value to you, but to me, it's essential. Your photographer should continuously be trying to produce better work, perhaps by acquiring more about their camera, different editing techniques, or different business avenues. Look for a photographer who is trying to learn something new.

Do you think you're ready to book your session? Shoot me a message and we can go over all your questions. Let's get this shindig started! 

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