Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to have a different view of yourself?

Soooo nervous! Not so much about taking the actual photos, but very nervous about how they would turn out. Sometimes I am not the most photogenic.

I loved the property, the fun music playing, and how Charity instructed me but didn’t make it look overdone or too “posed.” It was great just to let go and follow her lead. When I got the photos back, I loved that they were not overly edited and it truly showcased ME.

Lauren from St James Salon inspired me after hearing about her experience.

I love the outdoor boudoir and the meaning behind the company. It truly is more than photography, and I left feeling like a million bucks. Charity really knows how to work all the natural lights/shadows to give clients of all shapes and sizes the most flattering and natural results. Her work is a tasteful and rustic twist on classic boudoir.

Absolutely! I never thought of myself as sexy and never was the hot girl in my friend group. This session gave me so much confidence and also showed me how strong (lots of power poses!) and gorgeous the female body can be.

The hair/makeup/photo bundle plus payment plans make it so easy I would recommend a session tenfold. 

I am loving seeing all of the new props and venues on your property. Your social media is a HUGE asset, and I love seeing how all of the different personalities translate. You are killing it!