I'll be straightforward, when I learned that we'd be staying at home more frequently for a few weeks, I got fired up and quickly bought two new books (Own Your Everyday & The Starbucks Experience). I decided if I'm going to have more time on my hands, why not read to learn and read because I enjoy it?

If you're looking for some new reads to enjoy during this period, here are some of my faves:

Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You're Made to Do: "You can't do all things well; you can't give your best in a few things if you're striving to be the best in all things. You are a human being, not a human doing."

Jordan is so relatable, this book read like a conversation with her. I felt as she was right next to me, vocalizing truth directly to my soul.

What I liked most about this book is the implementable information Jordan gives. She shares her own stories and offers tips and actions we can do to help us own our everyday. 

This book is a must-read for every woman!

The Champagne Diet:

This is not a diet book. It's about changing your attitude and accepting yourself. This book doesn't guarantee you skinny; it promises healthy, with a side of bubbly. 

The Champagne Diet's mission statement is simple: live your most effervescent life, celebrate yourself, and always leave room for a glass of champagne.

How to Get Sh*t Done

I have to admit; this book does make you think about specific topics. It is what I needed for a more open-minded view of the way I use my time. I find myself doing a lot of useless things daily. This is such a great! 

Atomic Habits: 

Before starting this book, write down some healthy habits you want to build and some bad habits you want to defeat. This book is filled with practical steps and examples. The critical points in this book are:

* Compound Effect - Tiny changes over time will have a significant impact.

* Habit Building Techniques - Make good habits into routines; use positive reinforcements and other techniques outlined in the book.

* Monitor and Measure - Keep track of your progress and improvements.

Lost Boy Found:

This book is an exciting story based on real events. I found the first half of the book slow, but I am glad I stayed reading because I could not put the book down once I was into the second half. 

Now it's your turn!! I'm a book lover, and I'm always looking for my next read. What are your favorite books? Leave a me a message below with book recommendations!

PS, if you want even more book ideas, check out my Idea List! I include some of my faves and will continue to add!

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