What if YOU did something entirely for yourself?

I was slightly nervous about the shoot but once we got going all my nerves went away. 

I loved how secluded the location was. It felt really freeing to be able to shoot without worrying about someone intruding. 

I booked the boudoir session originally as a gift for my fiancé, but I’ve always wanted to do one!! The gift was just an excuse 😉. He loved it by the way!! 

I chose Charity because a boudoir shoot outside is so unique and loved how moody her images were! 

I have always felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’m tiny so most of the time I feel like I look scrawny but not with Charity. Omg, the images were amazing, and I felt so great after my session. 

I would absolutely recommend doing this to a friend! I would and may do it again in the near future. 

Thank you so much Charity!!