What are these Virtual Shoots?

They are so much fun, and it’s such an empowering way to work with long time social media supporters, babes, that live far from me (hmm other states), and for ladies that were cautious about investing because they were still scared about their bodies not being “photo-ready.” 

It’s made me recognize during these sessions, we are laughing and having a good time, and that’s precisely what we all could use right about now. 

We exist in the weirdest strangest times. We are making marks in history books, and in this season, looking ahead, darker times are on the horizon. We have but one appointed task, stay home. Most of us stay home to keep healthy and safeguard those we love. But life must go on as we find new ways to live! I will still shoot to wipe away those quarantine blues for those sheltering in place or for the essentials that need a break. 

What To Expect With Virtual Feel Good Sessions:

I know you have some reservations. Thats why I’m going to give you a rundown on what to expect!

🌻 The virtual session will give you 15-30 minutes to feel present and feeling good about yourself

🌻 You will have a total direction from me, Charity! 

🌻 A great way to document this uncontrollable time in your life

🌻 It gives you a chance to create art with me! Because of the quality of the photos, they will have a retro vintage aesthetic! 

🌻 You’ll have some saucy photos for you to keep for yourself or share with others.

🌻 Achieve a renewed confidence, sense of self, and getting in touch with your body to help you power through!

What do you need:

🌻 iPhone or Android

🌻 15-45min

🌻 1-2 outfits (doesn’t have to be lingerie!)

🌻 A well lit indoor location doesn’t have to be magazine-worthy!

I think this can be something we look back on and say, “remember that one time, I did a virtual shoot with Boudoir By Chee! It was so much fun”. It won’t matter if the quality wasn’t the best; it made us feel good and forget for a little while.

Send me and email or DM me if you want to schedule a Virtual Feel Good Session. The quality won’t be superb, but it will tell an amazing tale.